Nov 22, 2002

Innovative Products, Marketing Plans Round Out Year

I would like to wrap up 2002 with the ultimate name of the
game: products. The industry is constantly searching for that next innovative
product that will bring in business and solve consumers'specific
concerns. Manufacturers want to display and explain their products, and
distributors and dealers want to know as much as possible about which ones are

Since Water Quality Products'inception, it has proven
itself to be the number-one spot to go to for products, both new and updated.
We work hard to get our hands on the most innovative and in-demand products
available to the marketplace--whether they be from the small entrepreneurs
or the large manufacturers. Products ranging from bottled water to POU/POE
systems to high-purity industrial products can be found every month all
throughout the magazine.

This month, in addition to our regular cover, New Product
Showcase, highlights and product sections, page 20 holds the 2003 New Product
Showcase Review, which features the top 20 products that were exhibited in the
New Product Showcase throughout the year. These are the products that were most
requested by our readers. There is a wide variety of products to help you do
your job. Distributors and dealers should check out this section to see if they
missed any of these essential products.

As we head into the new year, we all are making projections
for marketing and budgets. Now is the time to put your efforts where they
really will make a difference--in product promotion to the marketplace.
With any new product emerging into the industry, a marketing campaign is
critical to reaching your target market. "Launching a New Product"
on page 27 proposes tips on how to strategically plan and administer your
product launch.

Every month I am inundated with product releases, which
challenges me with getting as much product information out to our readers as
possible. But don't let that make you shy away. I extend an open
invitation to the industry to send me your new and updated products throughout
the year. With the spirit of the holidays in the air, I would like to take this
chance to thank everyone who made a contribution to this year's issues. I
truly look forward to seeing more high-quality products in 2003. Remember, if
you don't send it in, it won't be seen.


Happy Holidays,

Wendi Hope King

[email protected]

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