Feb 17, 2017

Infiltrator Water Technologies Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary

Chamber products have changed over time

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Infiltrator Water Technologies celebrated 30 years in the onsite wastewater industry this year.

A septic system failure in the 1980s at the home of Jim Nichols, the founder of Infiltrator Water Technologies, sparked the invention of the gravel-less plastic leaching chamber.

“The original Infiltrator chamber revolutionized the onsite wastewater industry by making stone and pipe leach fields a thing of the past and introduced a completely new concept in onsite wastewater management,” said Roy Moore, president and CEO of Infiltrator Water Technologies.

That first chamber has evolved into a full line of chambers. Infiltrator continued to grow with the industry as the need for products to serve even more specialized and demanding applications expanded. Today, Infiltrator offers additional septic products, and innovations in manufacturing expanded the possibilities for plastic tanks that are stronger and lighter than concrete.