New Startup Addresses Development of Industrial Treatment Facilities

Jean-Michel Herrewyn launches fWE

fwe, startup, jean-michel herrewyn, industrial, facilities, water

Former CEO of Veolia Eau and Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia Environment, Jean-Michel Herrewyn founded fWE, a "water asset developer," to address a global economic, ecological and social need: the lack of development and financing of water treatment facilities in manufacturing, particularly in developing countries. 

fWE provides a sustainable solution to the current under-investment in water treatment capacities, particularly in developing countries where the needs of major industrial groups in terms of water capacity are growing.

The "water asset developer" model involves implementing a "water strategy" for industrial clients, enabling them to finance their water infrastructures. Infrastructure funds invest in the asset on their behalf on the basis of a long-term contract, with potential financial assistance from development finance institutions such as the International Finance Corp., a subsidiary of the World Bank.

"Thanks to its model combining financial and shareholder interests, as well as social interest, fWE wants to make an effective contribution to directing third-party financing into the construction and service of water and effluent treatment facilities, which are still cruelly short in many areas and particularly in many developing countries,’ said Herrewyn.


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