Dec 03, 2018

Introducing the 2018 iWWD Top Projects

iWWD Top Project

At this time last year, President Donald J. Trump was promising funding for infrastructure improvements for water and wastewater projects. On Oct. 23, he signed into law the Water Infrastructure Act, authorizing water resource projects and policies nationwide to be administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

There were five different Top Projects selected this year for Industrial Water & Wastes Digest, from a food processor committed to environmental stewardship, to a wastewater treatment system in need of a dire upgrade and an airport in crisis mode. All of this year’s Top Projects showed how much private investment continues to strive for sustainability, and demonstrated the measures taken to be good neighbors and stewards of the environment. 

While most projects were vastly different, there were also some similarities. The Knouse Foods and K.B. Specialty projects both tapped into the power of biogas by investing in anaerobic digestion. Both were committed to reducing the impact on the environment and one became the #1 iWWD Top Project of 2018.

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Top Project

Thank you to all who submitted entries, and congratulations to everyone honored in iWWD’s 2018 Top Projects. Nominations for next year’s awards are open and can be submitted at

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