Mar 18, 2022

Edwardsville, Illinois, Oil Pipeline Spill Investigation Underway

The flow likely started and stopped on Mar. 11, according to the Illinois EPA

oil spill

Contaminated water and soil are being removed from the site of an underground oil pipeline spill next to Cahokia Creek in Edwardsville, Illinois.

According to Belleville News Democrat, investigations into the cause are still underway. 

More than 163,000 gallons of oil saturated the soil around the leak, some of which then seeped into the adjacent creek.  

The flow likely started and stopped on Mar. 11, according to the Illinois EPA and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency received a report at 10:18 a.m. Mar. 11 that oil had been spotted in the creek.

In a Marathon Pipe Line news release, about 5,900 barrels of a water and oil mixture had been removed from the creek as of Mar. 14, reported Belleville News Democrat. About 150 cubic yards of the oily soil has been removed since the leak was discovered.

Workers onsite helping repair the spill had four large backhoes and a bulldozer on the site, as well as mobile lighting so the cleanup could continue during the nighttime hours. 

The excavated soil is being stored in roll-off containers on site for now, according to the Illinois EPA, reported Belleville News Democrat.  

In the meantime, Marathon Pipe Line is developing plans for disposal in coordination with the Illinois EPA.

It is unclear how long oil had been leaking from the pipeline and how much reached the creek, which runs parallel to the pipeline at the site of the leak, reported Belleville News Democrat.

“Marathon Pipe Line (MPL) is covering all expenses related to the wildlife rehabilitation effort and providing all needed resources to recover and rehabilitate impacted wildlife," said Sherri Easley, director of Treehouse Wildlife Center, reported The Telegraph. "With spring baby season arriving, community support will ensure we can continue our outstanding care for those sick, injured and orphaned animals we will normally receive during this time. We appreciate all the support and concern our community has shown for the wildlife!"

The affected wildlife being treated include seven ducks, one frog, one hawk, two beavers and three turtles, reported The Telegraph.

MPL added that crews found seven ducks, a heron, a muskrat and a frog deceased. MPL has created audible deterrents to keep wildlife away from the affected area while cleanup is underway.

Residents who see animals harmed by the oil should call Robert Liebl, an Illinois conservation police officer, at 618-444-1540.