Dec 06, 2016

2016 Top Industrial Water & Wastewater Projects

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2016 Top Industrial Water & Wastewater Projects
2016 Top Industrial Water & Wastewater Projects

From olive harvesting to car manufacturing, efficient and reliable water and wastewater systems are integral to a facility’s success. Because of their unique features and demands, projects of this nature face their own set of challenges—and rewards.

From May to July 2016, iWWD encouraged project leaders to submit entries showcasing industry-specific projects in design or construction during the past 18 months.

Nominated projects varied in terms of goal, size and price. iWWD examined the obstacles faced and overcome by all parties involved in each project, as well as the final goals achieved and successes met. iWWD is proud to highlight these achievements in its inaugural showcase of Top Projects.

Thank you to the project leaders who submitted entries and photos, and congratulations to those honored in iWWD’s 2016 Top Projects. 

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Winner profiles are compiled by iWWD Assistant Editor Lauren Baltas and Associate Editor Bob Crossen. For more information, contact Baltas at [email protected] or Crossen at [email protected].