Sep 05, 2018

Pure Water Brew Boise Launches Wastewater Reuse Pilot Program

The pilot program involved a five-step wastewater treatment process that delivers treated water to five breweries

Oregon-based wastewater recycling program for breweries launches
Oregon-based wastewater recycling program for breweries launches

Pure Water Brew Boise launched a pilot program that converts wastewater from the Lander Street Renewal Facility into drinking water that will go to five local breweries throughout Boise, Idaho. The five-step process to turn wastewater into drinking water will send water to Barbarian Brewing, Lost Grove Brewing, Longdrop Cider and Mad Swede Brewing.

The process begins with ultrafiltration that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, according to local news source Kivi TV, followed by reverse osmosis to remove metals, minerals and salts. Next, the wastewater undergoes UV/advanced oxidation and samples are tested after each step of the process. Finally, chlorine is added to the treated wastewater before going to the breweries.

“I would say water is the most essential part of brewing beer, it makes up 90% of the beer itself,” said Jacob Black, the owner of Lost Grove Brewing. “Depending on the makeup of the water it is also going to affect the flavor profile as well.”

The Boise Public Works Department and Pure Water Brew Boise held a gathering to show the purification trailer to the public Aug. 29 at 5 p.m. at the Lander Street Water Renewal Facility. The purification trailer is from the Arizona Wastewater Reclamation.