Feb 06, 2018

BioLargo Completes Water Treatment Technology Study

New technology platform for poultry and municipal wastewater treatment

New water treatment technology may usurp U.V. and Ozone processes

BioLargo Inc. has announced the completion of a study concerning the effectiveness of its new Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) technology. The technology will be used as a water treatment platform for both the treatment of poultry wastewater and municipal tertiary wastewater.

Of the results found in the study, notable conclusions include claiming an energy efficiency 50% greater than the current prominent technologies used for similar processes, such as Ultraviolet and Ozone. The technology also has the potential to offer improved cost-effectiveness over chlorination processes.

While California continues to reel from water issues throughout the state, the new technology arrives as a beacon of hope, with the potential to save the state both money and water in the long-term. This is only the first step in a sprawling process according to BioLargo President and CEO Dennis Calvert.

“This report demonstrates the enormous cost and water recycling benefits the AOS will have for end-users,” Calvert said. “We recently acquired a world-class team of engineers to provide problem-solving solutions for clients and support the scale-up and commercial preparation for the AOS already underway. We are also evaluating a number of strategic alliance, public funding opportunities, pilots and customer opportunities for our AOS technology.”

In conjunction with BioLargo, the study was partially funded by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Innovative Conservation Program.