Feb 23, 2018

Bio-digestion Systems Offer Improved Soil Management

Unison of soil management and wastewater recovery improves sustainability

Bio-digestion systems offer improved soil management through wastewater recovery

Lystek Intl., a company that designs and creates waste treatment systems, are utilizing their own thermal hydrolysis systems in order to reduce cost, shrink volume and cut greenhouse gases.

This is done by accentuating municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities by improving biogas production and optimizing digester performance, simultaneously creating a bio-fertilizer that is rich in nutrients while also creating and separating a carbon source for use in Bio Nutrient Removal (BNR) systems. L

Lystek was founded in 2000 by University of Waterloo scientists, Dr. Owen Ward and Dr. Ajay Singh. The origin of the company followed their being commissioned to analyze how Waterloo Region dealt with waste management. This led the acknowledgement that there was significant room for approval in terms of trucking liquid materials and greenhouse gases.

After its beginning, the company was able to effectively optimize the performance of anaerobic digesters. This process transforms organic waste streams into high-quality bio-fertilizer while maintaining low costs and energy consumption.

The system also allow for the double processing of biogas which results in a 50% or better yield. The system eradicates and kills anything in the material run through it while also being fully automated and easy to install.