Oct 22, 2002

If You Don't Ask, You Don't Get

In our business, there really is unlimited money right under
our noses. A few weeks ago, I was doing a seminar in Columbus, Ohio. I arrived
early, and two hotel employees were setting up the meeting room. One of them
asked what we sold, and I started to talk to them about an RO. One of these
employees had one in her home and the other asked if she could get more
information. A total stranger over heard and wanted to know about better water.
A few days later, I was addressing an audience in Canton, Ohio, that was a bit
reluctant to accept the idea of prospecting. A hotel worker came in to take our
lunch orders. I asked her what she did to improve her water at home. She said
she did nothing but that she had been thinking about improving her water. A
salesperson made an appointment for a demonstration. A few days later at a
seminar in Amherst, N.Y., the same thing happened. So what's the point? The
point is that if we ask everyone we meet if they are doing anything to improve
their water, we will be overrun with prospects and sales.

The Golden List

Each of us has a golden list of people who should be
improving their water. That list is composed of all the people we buy things
from. You see, everyone we deal with has a stake in our success--a reason to
deal with us. Look at your checkbook and your contact list. What are your
landscaper, barber, supermarket manager or pastor doing to improve their water?
Ask and you shall find out. They deserve better water, but they probably aren't
going to get it unless you ask. As you read this article, take the prospector's
challenge. Make a list of every human being you encounter today in person and
by phone as you run your normal life. It could include a clerk at the gas
station, a clerk at the doughnut shop, the owner of your tire store, your FedEx
driver, a worker at your child's daycare, a waiter at lunch and many others.
You will be amazed at how many humans we all encounter in the course of the
day. Now, make a commitment to ask every one of these contacts what they do to
improve their water.

Isn't That Pushy?

One of the things that keeps many salespeople from greatness
is the feeling that it is pushy to talk to anyone they know about water. This
is where attitude determines altitude. If you knew a sure thing on the stock
market, would you want to tell your friends and associates? The fact is that if
you believe you are helping people, it is not pushy at all?it is helpful.
I would go as far as to say that you owe it to people you know to tell them
about how much better their water could be with treatment. In fact, I believe
that the number of people you talk to about water is directly proportional to
the benefits you believe our products offer. If you believe you are helping,
you will not consider it pushy. Stay focused on how happy people are with the
product and service when they own it.

The Water Paradox

I am always amazed at the complex lengths we often go to in
order to find prospects. We may spend hours designing our web site, weeks on
that "killer" brochure that will bring people in and months researching
that automatic dialer. All these things are fine, but the fact is they will
never replace talking to all the people we meet about water. Ulysses Grant
said, "If you want a house, you can hire an architect, but the man with
the hammer builds the home." In other words, you can design marketing all
you like but it is the actual speaking with people that sells equipment.

Look around. Who do you know or contact that you have not
approached? You owe it to them, your family and your company to help them
improve their lives by improving their water.

About the author

Carl Davidson is the founder and president of Sales & Management Solutions. This New York-based company has been offering video and live training for the water equipment industry for almost 20 years. More than 4,000 companies in seven countries use these training and consulting services. To find out more, call Davidson at 800-941-0068