Jan 05, 2007

ICONICS GENESIS32, BizViz Suites Ready for Microsoft Vista

ICONICS, a provider of Web-enabled, OPC-based, HMI/SCADA Visualization and Manufacturing Intelligence software for Microsoft Windows operating systems has announced that its flagship software suites, GENESIS3M and the BizViz Manufacturing Intelligence software suite, are ready for the new Microsoft Vista operating system.

“Aided by such exciting new software technology as Microsoft Windows Vista, a whole new set of applications will take maximum advantage of the new boost in raw computing power,” said Russ Agrusa, president and CEO of ICONICS. “This will change everything we do at work, in manufacturing, and how we collaborate.”

“The BizViz suite coupled with Windows Vista and Office 2007 will enable our customers to take advantage of key features such as Visualization, Gadgets, Security, Search & Organize and Workflow integration,” said Melissa Morgan, BizViz product marketing manager with ICONICS.