HydroGlobe & Calgon Carbon Corp. Establish Strategic Partnership for Municipal Arsenic Treatment

HydroGlobe, a division of Graver Technologies, LLC, has signed strategic marketing agreement that establishes Calgon Carbon Corp. as the exclusive supplier of HydroGlobe’s patented Metsorb HMRG (Heavy Metal Removal Granules) for municipal arsenic water treatment applications where an adsorbent technology is used.
According to Bob Krystyniak, executive director of strategic development, “Calgon Carbon tested over 20 different arsenic medias and determined HydroGlobe’s titanium-based adsorbent media to be the best product for our market needs. We are excited to add HydroGlobe’s arsenic removal technology to our growing portfolio of water treatment solutions.”
Chris Wilker, HydroGlobe president, added “We look forward to a long term relationship with Calgon Carbon, a market leader. We firmly believe Metsorb HMRG is the best adsorbent product on the market today, and this relationship clearly validates our products’ benefits.”
Metsorb HMRG affords a higher capacity and a lower level of ion interference than competitive iron-based and alumina-based products. It also requires less frequent replacement, offers faster kinetics to work effectively at high flow rates, is listed under NSF Standard 61, and spent media will typically pass the EPA TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure) for nonhazardous disposal of solid waste.


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