Hydraulic Institute Expands Membership Globally

Membership now open to companies outside North America

Hydraulic Institute global membership

Membership in the Hydraulic Institute (HI) has been opened to pump and supplier companies that manufacture wholly outside of North America but who sell into the North American market.  This change expands HI membership opportunities globally.

International members will be encouraged to participate in HI activities to take advantage of the full range of programs and services of the Institute, including:

  • · Developing pump standards, guidebooks and educational materials
  • · Networking with pump industry counterparts in North America
  • · Participating in HI’s global statistics program and economic forecasting trends
  • · Broadening their exposure to the North American marketplace
  • · Staying current with industry and Hydraulic Institute news and participating in events

The first three members to join HI under this program are: Shinmaywa (Japan); Hayward Tyler (Great Britain); Gilbert, Gilkes and Gordon (Great Britain).

Hydraulic Institute

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