Hungerford & Terry Installs New Products for New Jersey-American Water Co.

New Jersey-American Water Company has installed a Weak Acid softening system designed and engineered by Hungerford & Terry Inc. for their Springfield Wells plant.
The water company facility is designed to treat 5 mgd to reduce hardness and remove 0.16 mg/L of iron and 0.11 mg/L of manganese. The flow is split between Catalytic Ferrosand Filters that remove iron and manganese and Weak Acid Cation Exchangers that reduce the hardness associated with alkalinity, and remove iron and manganese. The Ferrosand Filters treat 2,000 gpm and the Weak Acid Exchangers treat 1,500 gpm. The blended effluent has reduced hardness, 0.1 mg/L of iron, less than 0.05 mg/L of manganese. This is well below the established EPA MCLs.
The Ferrosand Filters operate at a flux rate of 7 gpm/sq ft using the high rate Catalytic Ferrosand media. The Weak Acid Cation Exchangers regenerate using HCL, which also cleans all the iron and manganese off the resin that has collected during the service run. The exchangers have a service run of 32 hrs. After regeneration the service run starts with a freshly cleaned resin bed. The Ferrosand Filters require backwashing after 90 hrs of service.
"We are pleased with this excellent overall water treatment system that supports our New Jersey neighbor, to achieve higher quality water for their growing base of local customers," according to Ken Sayell, vice president of Hungerford & Terry.
Since 1909, Hungerford & Terry has designed and manufactured thousands of systems incorporating standard and unique water treatment technologies, including ion exchange and filtration systems for corporations, utilities, water companies and municipalities. Based in Clayton, N.J., Hungerford & Terry has 30 technical representative organizations that cover the United States as well as representatives for Canada, and several Asian countries.

Hungerford & Terry Inc.

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