Oct 04, 2018

How to: Change Seal Oil

Change seal oil for KZN BJM pumps in 12 steps

Change seal oil for KZN BJM pumps in 12 steps

Changing the seal oil in the KZN Series of BJM pumps is not as difficult as it looks. Follow these 12 steps to complete the seal oil change.

  1. Make sure that the pump cable is disconnected from the power source.
  2. Lay the pump down on its side.
  3. Remove the screws that hold the bottom plate in place. 
  4. Remove the bottom plate.
  5. Remove the screws holding the suction cover.
  6. Remove the suction cover.
  7. Remove the impeller.
  8. Remove the inspection screw for the oil chamber (pos#50-08). Pour out a small sample of the oil. If it is milky white, or contains water, then the oil and possibly the mechanical seal should be changed. If an oil change is needed, follow the next three steps. Otherwise, skip to step 12. 
  9. Remove the screws that hold the oil chamber cover in place and remove the oil. 
  10. Replace the mechanical seal if necessary.
  11. Replace the oil.
  12. Assemble the pump.

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Suzette Pascal is marketing coordinator for BJM Pumps LLC. Pascal can be reached at [email protected].