May 01, 2017

How to Right-Size Wastewater Headworks Screening for Smaller Plants

Muffin Monster

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied to every headworks situation. Matching the needs of the facility to the appropriate screening equipment is vital to the success of any size plant, especially smaller facilities. A plant’s headworks plays a crucial role in the pretreatment of influent for any wastewater treatment facility. As headworks pretreats all incoming flow, proper screening and debris removal is imperative to the effectiveness of the entire system. Protecting the operation of downstream equipment, such as pumps, is key to enhancing the efficiency of the overall wastewater treatment process. JWC’s headworks equipment is designed to remove or reduce large solids such as wood, cloth, paper and plastics, while also dealing with grit and excessive amounts of oil and grease. No plant is too large or too small for JWC’s offering.

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