Oct 13, 2010

Hong Kong Selects Black & Veatch to Implement Pressure Management Schemes

Goal is to reduce leaks throughout water system

The Water Supplies Department in Hong Kong SAR has selected Black & Veatch to develop and implement pressure management schemes that will decrease the volume of leaks in the city’s water distribution system and improve water reliability for the 7 million people living in Hong Kong.

“These schemes, in addition to the program to replace and rehabilitate more than 3,000 kilometers of water mains, will greatly reduce leaks and enable the Water Supplies Department to detect and control them,” said Alan Man, vice president and managing director of Black & Veatch’s North Asia Pacific water business.

Because of the city’s unique topography of steep hills and mountains, significant pressure levels are required to pump water throughout the distribution system. However, research shows that the quantity of water lost through a leak is proportional to the operational pressure within the system. If pressure can be reduced, particularly during periods of low demand, so will the overall amount of water leakage from the system.

“Black & Veatch has a long and successful history of working with the Water Supplies Department to design and implement some of the city’s most iconic, sustainable and award-winning projects,” said Man. “Pressure improvements to the water distribution system are important long-term responses to addressing Hong Kong’s water needs, conserving more water throughout the city's existing infrastructure and maximizing its assets.”