Feb 22, 2007

Honda Supports New Alabama Surface Water Treatment Facility

Honda Manufacturing of Alabama has stated that HMA would like to use state incentive money to help fund a new surface water treatment facility in Alabama.

Rick Schostek, senior vice president at HMA, told the Daily Home Online that the company supports construction of the Coosa Valley Water Authority surface water treatment facility and would like $4 million promised to the company by the state to help fund the regional effort to bring a consistent and reliable source of water to HMA, St. Clair and north Talladega counties.

According to the Daily Home Online , in 2002 the state promised HMA $4 million to help supply a consistent flow of water to the car manufacturing plant in Lincoln.

HMA was given the incentive package because the manufacturer went forward with a multimillion-dollar expansion, providing additional jobs and tax dollars to Talladega County and the surrounding area.

HMA currently buys its water from the city of Lincoln and wants to continue buying its water from the city.

Lincoln Mayor Lew Watson came up with the idea for a regional water supply after HMA landed in north Talladega County.

Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, said two weeks ago a proposal now on the table would provide money for local and regional water projects, while satisfying a state commitment to HMA.

The new facility will initially produce about 3 million gallons of water per day during, and then about 6 mgd when it is in full operation.

The Daily Home Online reports that the plant is expected to be permitted for 10-12 mgd. Water from the surface water treatment plant will be piped to Lincoln from a large underwater line, extending across the Coosa River, from Riverside to Lincoln.