Down-to-Earth Non-Revenue Water Strategies

Feb. 21, 2019

Non-revenue water (NRW) and, in particular, water loss through leakage has become an increasing priority focus for water utilities around the world. With failure rates of aging infrastructure increasing and growing water stress due to population growth and climate change, reducing the loss of essential water resources is paramount. Leak monitoring and detection systems from Trimble Water help water utilities proactively identify and reduce NRW and water loss, prevent service outages, and prioritize infrastructure repairs. Easy-to-use wireless and mobile leak detection solutions provide clear, accurate, real-time insights into the condition of the water network beyond the treatment plant. Paired with Trimble’s intuitive cloud-based GIS software, these solutions make it simple for water professionals to visualize, manage and analyze data from the field, and use that knowledge to improve productivity and network performance.

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