Impact of Wipes on Pipes: Overview of Problems & Solutions for Clogged Wipes in Wastewater Treatment Systems

April 2, 2018

Blockages often occur in residential and municipal sewer systems from accumulation of disposable wipes in wastewater treatment systems. The pipes, pumps and other equipment that process flushable waste in wastewater treatment systems often are not capable of handling such waste.

Disposable wipes have a variety of different uses—from sanitary cleansing to makeup removal. The appeal of disposable wipes is that they are easy to dispose of and now are often labeled as “flushable.” There is an active debate and many lawsuits surrounding whether or not wipes branded as “flushable” are able to biodegrade quickly enough to run efficiently through sewerage systems. Several studies over the past several years have provided evidence to suggest that wipes branded as “flushable” are clogging wastewater systems.

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