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Best Porcelain Enamel Tank in the World for Liquid Storage Tanks

Aug. 6, 2018
CST Storage, formerly known as Engineered Storage Product Company (1996- 2011), was originally part of the A.O. Smith Company. It was A.O. Smith’s research, and later, development of coated welding rod that likely led them to a proprietary process of fusing glass to steel. The technology was initially used to manufacture large, single-piece, glass-lined brewery tanks, and soon after, to manufacture glass-lined, hot-water heaters. While other applications for glass- fused-to-steel were explored, years of experience with this technology eventually led to the design and manufacture of the first glass-fused-to-steel tank, which went into service in 1949 as the Harvestore silo. This agricultural tank application for high-quality, feed storage has been widely used, and imitated, for over 65 years.