New Water Treatment Installation Leads to PFAS Discovery

Sept. 22, 2020

NJ community rapidly responds to install new treatment and finds PFAS

Ramsey, NJ has been treating arsenic at several well sites for years. In the fall of 2018, the arsenic treatment media supplier informed Ramsey the media would no longer be manufactured. Ramsey has limited supply of the media to keep the wells operating. Committed to providing safe and potable water to their customers well into the future, Ramsey and their engineer embarked on a journey to quickly identify an alternative arsenic treatment for installation at six well sites within 18 months. The configuration of the existing arsenic media did not allow for a simple change out to an alternative; a completely new system needed to be designed and installed at every well site. 

This was a challenge because each well site has unique existing treatment processes and associated infrastructure, and also unique restrictions; one is in the middle of a highway interchange loop, another is partly located in a protected wet land area, and others are in dense neighborhoods. Faced with these realities and an incredibly tight timeline, Ramsey and their engineer decided to design six custom containerized treatment systems that could be manufactured, and factory tested in parallel with site preparation by a contractor. While gathering the latest detailed water quality for each well, Ramsey discovered PFOA concentrations in two of the six wells at levels around the 14 ppt maximum contaminant limit set by the state of New Jersey. Learn more about this experience by tuning into the webinar.

Learning Objectives

This presentation will discuss in detail:

  • The rationale and design criteria used for each custom containerized treatment system, 
  • The unique site design considerations and associated permitting processes, and 
  • Highlights of progress to date.

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