Pennsylvania Receives $240 Million to Improve Water Infrastructure

Sept. 28, 2022
These funds were made possible through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Governor Tom Wolf announced that Pennsylvania was awarded $240 million for water infrastructure improvements by the U.S. EPA.

According to the Governor's website, the funding will help communities across Pennsylvania "access clean drinking water, improve wastewater treatment, clean up pollution, protect the environment and increase disaster resilience,"

These funds were made possible through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

“Pennsylvanians need and deserve clean, safe water,” said Gov. Wolf in the announcement on his website. “This is a historic investment in public health, the environment and storm and disaster preparedness. With this money, Pennsylvania can help guarantee the safety of our drinking water, improve wastewater treatment and help our stormwater system cope with the increased damage from storms worsened by climate change."

“Thank you to President Biden and all of the federal lawmakers who advocated for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law," he added in the announcement. "The investments you are making in Pennsylvania will improve quality of life for our residents and help build a brighter future for our commonwealth.”

The $240 million investment will be distributed by PENNVEST. There is $67 million already awarded to Pennsylvania in fiscal year 2022 for its Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds, reported the Governor's website. reported that "numerous tornadoes, extreme floods, and droughts have pushed the state's resources to its limits in the past few years. Perhaps none was more notable than Hurricane Ida, which incurred at least $117 million in damages. It brought all-time record flooding to the Schuylkill River and the Perkiomen Creek. Thousands were forced to evacuate from their homes or saw their property damaged. Businesses that never had to worry about flooding suddenly saw their livelihood several feet under muddy waters. Multiple tornadoes touched down, ripping off roofs and sending debris scattering. Four were killed."

Wolf's Priorities for Pennsylvania can be found here.

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