EPA Announces Federal Green Challenge Winners

June 15, 2018

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Southeast Laboratory was recognized for its achievements in water conservation

The U.S. EPA has announced the winners for its Federal Green Challenge (FGC). The challenge recognizes facilities across the U.S. for their conservation of resources and their saving of taxpayers’ money. It is estimated that approximately $22 million in savings were made across the federal government over the past year. The agency provides awards for the sectors including waste, electronics, purchasing, energy, water and transportation.

“Federal agencies nationwide challenge themselves to improve efficiency and minimize environmental impact, and their achievements are saving American taxpayers tens of millions of dollars,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Throughout 2017, approximately 59 million fewer gal of industrial, landscaping and agricultural water was used throughout the year. The efforts made by the various sectors fall under President Donald Trump’s Executive Order Regarding Efficient Federal Operations.

The winner of the Federal Green Challenge for water went to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Southeast Laboratory in Miami, Fla. The laboratory was able to reduce potable water use by 69% from 950,710 gal to 293,964 gal used.