Kamstrup to Offer Education on the Digital Water Utility at ACE16

June 8, 2016
Technological advances allow for transparency, better customer service

Water professionals are all too familiar with the challenges the industry faces, but what about the available solutions? AWWA ACE16 is the place to learn about the latest innovations to solve infrastructure challenges.

Every year, thousands of water professionals gather for AWWA’s annual conference and exposition (ACE); AWWA ACE16 takes place June 20 to 22 in Chicago. Every year proves to be more important than the last to attend and gain knowledge on the latest innovations to monitor and manage our country’s aging water infrastructure.

What is a digital utility?

Kamstrup Water Metering, a provider of smart metering solutions, will exhibit and present on how water professionals can implement and harvest the full potential of “The Digital Utility.” The digital water utility arises from recent and ongoing technological advances, which are radically changing utilities’ capabilities by providing an overview of the entire distribution network, all the way to the consumer. The results: total transparency in the distribution network that allows utilities to prioritize capital improvement projects and provide better customer service.

A continuing battle against aging infrastructure

Water professionals already know the water infrastructure challenges facing the industry—AWWA called it the “Dawn of the Replacement Era” 15 years ago. Many water operators experience too regularly the daily issues associated with our aging infrastructure, like the 240,000 water main breaks per year as reported by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Another example of the impact of an aging infrastructure is the recent event in Flint, Mich. that, in addition to the public health concerns, has sparked public relations challenges for utilities around the country and further uncovered the need to educate customers on the complexities and value of delivering safe drinking water.

And while water professionals know the challenges, finding the solutions that are the best fit for a water system and community may not be as well-known. Many utilities are surprised to learn the host of benefits that can be achieved from smart water metering—because while it makes measuring and billing customers much easier, smart metering is just part of “The Digital Utility” path.

To learn more about what a digital utility is, what benefits it offers a water system and community, and how it can be implemented gradually, connect with Kamstrup Water Metering by visiting its booth, #861, at AWWA ACE16, attending its AWWA Roundtable Solution Session on June 21 at 2 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall Classroom, or visiting its website.

Source: Kamstrup