WE&RF Accepting Pre-Proposals

June 6, 2016
Proposers invited to submit pre-proposals relevant to wastewater, storm water and water quality

The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) is accepting pre-proposals under its 2016 Unsolicited Research Program. WE&RF is funding research projects that will significantly advance our understanding of our water resources and our ability to protect and preserve them in a sustainable and cost effective manner and to minimize impact on health and the environment.

The Unsolicited Research Program supports WE&RF’s mission in funding pioneering research that significantly advances our understanding of today’s most pressing water quality issues and provides practical solutions to the challenges facing wastewater and storm water programs. WE&RF also considers proposals that would take existing research to the next level of completion.

Proposers are invited to submit pre-proposals relevant to wastewater, storm water and water quality. WE&RF currently has ongoing research in the areas of: Nutrient Removal, Storm Water, Climate Change, Resource Recovery, Sustainable Integrated Water Management, Sensor Integration and Guidance, Trace Organics in Biosolids, and other emerging issues.

The Unsolicited Research Program also encourages proposals to test and evaluate innovative technologies. The WE&RF/WEF LIFT (Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology) program places an emphasis on moving new technologies into practice and accelerating innovation. LIFT’s high-priority areas of focus currently are: Biosolids to Energy, Energy from Wastewater, Digestion Enhancements, Nutrient Removal, Phosphorus Recovery, Collection Systems, Green Infrastructure, Small Facilities, Water Reuse, and Intelligent Water Systems.  

Visit WE&RF’s website to search for a list on ongoing, completed, and planned research, as this will help proposers avoid duplication. The call for pre-proposals and complete instructions are available on WE&RF's Open Requests web page.

For additional information, please contact WE&RF Program Director Lola Olabode [email protected].

Source: WE&RF