Clean Vessel Act Grants Support Clean Waters, Recreational Boating

May 18, 2016
Nearly $13.7 million in grants was awarded through the program

Multiple fish and wildlife species and recreational boaters in 21 states will benefit from nearly $13.7 million in grants awarded through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Clean Vessel Act (CVA) program.  The CVA program helps U.S. states and territories maintain clean and healthy waters. Pump-out systems built or purchased through these funds ensure recreational boaters have a safe, convenient and effective method to dispose of on-board sewage. The funds also support boater education programs and the construction of boat ramps, docks and other infrastructure that create jobs in local communities.

“CVA funds are critical to ensuring our nation’s waterways remain safe, healthy and viable for all Americans—including the fish, birds and other wildlife that call these lush and vibrant ecosystems home,” said Service Director Dan Ashe. “By working with state fish and wildlife agencies and other partners, we are continuing to protect our country’s aquatic ecosystems for generations to come.”

Boaters and manufacturers contribute to the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund through excise taxes and duties on certain fishing and boating equipment and boating fuels. Since the program’s inception in 1993, the service has allocated more than $234 million in CVA grants to U.S. states and territories to help keep the nation’s waterways clean. Examples of 2016 CVA projects include:

District of Columbia – Inland $19,293 – The District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment, Fisheries and Wildlife Division, will fund operation and maintenance of a pump-out vessel to be used in the navigable waters of the district. The service will be offered at no charge to boaters during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Florida – Coastal $1,338,481, Inland $711,525 - The Florida Department of Environmental Protection plans to construct or replace 38 coastal and 15 inland pump-out stations for Florida boaters. They will continue their ongoing CVA boater education program that includes internet postings, outreach events, brochures, radio and television public service announcements and a database monitoring program.

Nevada – Inland $92,704 – The Nevada Department of Wildlife plans to renovate and upgrade two pump-out stations, provide operation and maintenance funding for a pump-out boat and provide CVA information and educational materials to Nevada boaters.

“The CVA program’s support through the user-pay, public-benefit cycle has contributed to the successes of the Sport Fish Restoration programs,” said Acting WSFR Assistant Director Paul Rauch. “States are able to apply for CVA funding, and they or their partners provide matching funds to complete projects. Sub-grantees often include local municipalities and private marinas. These partnership efforts are a win-win for clean water and the many families who enjoy recreational boating and the great outdoors.”

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Source: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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