Oregon's Clean Water Services Adopts Innovyze Technologies

May 5, 2016
Purchase will enable district to improve water quality in Tualatin River, tributaries

Innovyze, creator of business analytics software and technologies for smart water infrastructure, today announced that Clean Water Services (District), Oregon, has chosen the company’s InfoMaster and SWMMLive to support its sanitary sewer capital improvement program. The purchase will enable the district to upgrade, replace and expand its infrastructure and improve water quality in the Tualatin River and its tributaries.

Headquartered in Hillsboro, Ore., Clean Water Services is a water resources management utility that combines science and nature to clean water and return it to the Tualatin River so it can be used again. The district cleans more than 60 million gal of wastewater each day for more than 560,000 customers in urban Washington County. The wastewater is collected by a vast network of more than 800 miles of sewer pipes and 40 pump stations and routed to one of four treatment facilities: Durham, Rock Creek, Hillsboro and Forest Grove. The district also maintains 670 miles of storm sewers and pipelines, open ditches, storm water detention ponds and water quality facilities.

“As the region’s water resources management utility, everything we do at Clean Water Services aims to protect public health while enhancing the natural environment,” said Wade Denny, P.E., senior engineer in the district’s Conveyance Department. “SWMMLive and InfoMaster will help us effectively optimize our sewer rehabilitation program and improve our system efficiency, resiliency and operational performance so we can continue to best serve our customers and protect the environment.”

SWMMLive combines the urban drainage modeling capabilities of InfoSWMM, including water quality assessment, pollution prediction, urban flooding, green LID and BMP alternatives and real-time control, with real-time operational forecasting, early warning and emergency management. This risk assessment and real-time decision making tool allows utilities of all sizes to operate and manage their collection systems. It enables managers and operators to consider the influence of a full range of catchment factors in three key areas: management of flooding and reduction of unregulated discharges; optimization of storage, green alternatives and existing infrastructure, leading to savings on capital works; and optimization of pumps to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

Certified by NASSCO PACP, MACP and LACP, InfoMaster is an ArcGIS-centric software choice for utilities faced with rehabilitating, strengthening and optimizing their water infrastructures. It can estimate the likelihood and consequence of failure for each individual water main in the network. It can also evaluate their aging processes, estimating their lifetimes and their structural and functional failure potential and distribution over time. This information assists utilities in assessing their pipes’ propensity to fail, identifying those more prone to failure, prioritizing their inspection and determining rehabilitation requirements. InfoMaster facilitates a proactive approach to identifying and managing these high-risk assets to help preserve structural integrity and keep the network operating well into the future. It also eliminates reactive maintenance: waiting for pipe failures to occur before repairing. This proactive “fix before break” approach can help utilities extend the useful life of their assets and improve their performance at maximum savings.

Source: Innovyze

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