Xylem Introduces New Biogas Support System

April 26, 2016
System is specially adapted for wall-mounting of submersible mixers

Xylem Inc., a global water technology company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues, has launched a new biogas support system—the Flygt BIS 1 biogas support system—specially adapted for the wall-mounting of submersible mixers in biogas digesters. The installation system is designed to ensure process optimization, reliability and safety, as well as holding the mixer in place throughout its use.

The system is easy to install and enables the operator to reduce installation time by up to 40%.*

As the digestion process in biogas can vary depending on the input material, adjusting the mixer’s position is critical to ensuring stability and preventing crust build-up or sedimentation. Xylem’s Flygt BIS-1 biogas support system, suitable for use with Flygt 4460 (1.3 meter propeller) and Flygt compact mixers, is fitted with a mixer guide bar, which enables vertical and rotational movement (+/- 45 degrees) of the mixer from outside the closed digester, to direct thrust in the required direction.

The BIS-1 support system is quick and easy to install, reducing system downtime and maintenance costs. The system is equipped with a patented guide bar connection, which guarantees a secure and durable guide bar connection, minimizing vibration and thereby maximizing system longevity. The system also features an intermediate support that enables a mixer to pass over an intermediate wall bracket smoothly without obstruction.

Eilert Balssen, market manager biogas and agriculture for Xylem, explained, “Biogas digesters have a sealed cover, which means accessing the tank to change the mixer position is difficult. The Flygt BIS-1 biogas support system enables operators to move the mixer on the guide bar from the outside of the tank. With the introduction of this equipment to complement our biogas mixers, Xylem offers a complete biogas digester mixing system.”

“Suitable for use with ‘new-build’ and existing biogas digesters, Xylem’s Flygt BIS-1 biogas support system is corrosion and abrasion resistant. The BIS-1 support system has been engineered to support biogas plant operators by keeping system downtime and maintenance costs at the minimum level,” concluded Balssen.

* According to Xylem tests

Source: Xylem

Image courtesy Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ).
All images courtesy of Ecosorb.