Xylem to Conduct Live Remote Operation of Dewatering Pump at Bauma Show

March 31, 2016
Pump can be stopped, started and monitored via live satellite link

Xylem Inc., a global water technology company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging water issues, has announced that it will conduct a live remote pump operation demonstration at the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany (April 11 to 17, 2016). Trade show attendees can view the demonstration at the Xylem booth (Hall A6, booth no. 446) each day of the show, throughout the day and on request.

Xylem’s Godwin Primeguard Controller with Field Smart Technology enables a pump to be stopped, started and monitored via live satellite link to ensure optimum efficiency. During the demonstration Xylem will showcase the technology by remotely monitoring a pump based in Bridgeport, N.J.

Dave Boucher, product manager for Xylem’s Dewatering business said, “With our Field Smart Technology customers can monitor the operation of a pump that is located anywhere in the world. It is particularly useful for distributors of large rental pump fleets, or customers who need to monitor a pump situated in a remote part of a mine, for example. Our Godwin Field Smart Technology can provide the customer with all the information they need about the pump’s operation without having to dispatch someone to a remote or difficult to access location. Information about an engine’s and pump’s operating conditions—running temperature, oil level and pump suction for example—can all be relayed via this telemetry system. Data is collected at one minute intervals and transmitted to a password protected website which customers can view on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

“The technology has been very well received by customers as it eliminates the need for on-site pump monitoring and provides early indications of pump failure and downtime,” concluded Boucher.

Godwin Field Smart Technology offers customers additional security as it enables them to turn off and lock a pump located anywhere in the world. A built-in alarm system warns operators of faults in a pump, which means that when an engineer is going to fix the problem they know exactly what equipment to bring along. The technology can also monitor emissions from a pump engine, which can indicate problems such as blocked filters.

Field Smart Technology has been designed by Xylem’s Godwin team specifically for dewatering pumps.

In addition to its Field Smart Technology, Xylem will display its rental offer and range of Flygt and Godwin brand dewatering pumps.

Source: Xylem

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