SplashLink.com, The Water Expo Form Partnership

April 1, 2016
SplashLink.com will allow The Water Expo attendees to connect post-trade show

SplashLink.com, the online marketplace built exclusively for the water industry, and The Water Expo, the trade show from Miami heading its fifth edition next Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, 2016—"Empowering Water in All of the Americas"—announced a partnership that will give exhibitors and attendees access to projects, funding and collaborators on and off the exhibit hall floor.

“Water industry decision makers and professionals come to The Water Expo to make connections, find expertise and solutions, solve problems and to grow their business,” said The Water Expo’s Executive Director Jose Garcia. “We are partnering with SplashLink.com because of their unrivaled view of the industry and because they will enable our attendees to build on their success at The Water Expo all year long.”

SplashLink.com is designed for the water industry to give buyers and sellers easy access to opportunities through search tools, e-mail alerts or at the touch of a button. SplashLink.com provides access to bids and projects in addition to funding options that are suitable for solution providers as well as municipalities and utilities looking for ways to pay for projects beyond tax increases and rate hikes.

“The Water Expo brings together water industry players from the United States as well as 40 other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean,” noted SplashLink.com CEO Ebie Holst. “It is an essential destination if you are looking to grow your business in the Americas, and we are proud to bring all participants access to thousands of project opportunities as well as millions of dollars in funding.”

The Water Expo is entering its fifth year of making connections across borders. It is attended by water utility and plant operators, drinking water resellers, engineers and consultants, manufacturers, distributors, and import/export experts, to name a few.

“The breadth of players attending The Water Expo is impressive,” said SplashLink.com Vice President Jason Wuliger. “Enabling them to continue to make connections after the show via the SplashLink.com platform adds a new dimension to The Water Expo that we are excited to provide.”

“This partnership is a natural fit,” added Garcia. “What SplashLink.com does in the online world is the perfect complement to what we do at our event.”

Source: SplashLink.com