FluksAqua Q&A Forum Launches

March 23, 2016
Forum allows operators of treatment plants to answer questions from water professionals

FluksAqua, a free, practical and moderated Q&A forum specifically designed for operators of drinking water distribution, water and wastewater treatment plants, is online and actively answering peer-to-peer technical questions from water professionals.

“Between lead in Flint, Mich.’s pipes and general anxiety about the safety of North America's drinking water system, we've launched at a significant time," said Hubert Colas, president Americas of FluksAqua. “Our forum is designed to provide peer-to-peer advice for water and wastewater professionals to solve their most challenging technical and industry issues.”

The FluksAqua Forum is also a way for media to connect with knowledgeable water system operators across North America.

Many of the questions to professionals on the forum have centered on highly technical water management issues such as:

  • After catalytic decarbonation with caustic soda, has anyone experienced microsand residue in the filters?
  • Does anyone have experience with weak base anion exchange for Chromium 6 removal?
  • Can you recommend a reliable pump for 24/7 (3m3/h) milk of lime dosing?

Questions also include many wastewater, water and treatment plant operations/industry issues such as:

  • Is operator certification needed to ensure professionalism or just another administrative fee for community coffers?
  • Wet wipes (baby wipes) are clogging our adaptive N-impeller - what can we do?
  • What are your biggest pump related gripes about your operations?
  • Are there ways to fund infrastructure projects other than requesting the municipality to divert more tax money?

The FluksAqua Forum (available at https://www.fluksaqua.com/en/qa/) is uniquely “searchable” so that water professionals can review the full string of conversation about a specific topic or concern. It is also anonymous so that water professionals can obtain peer-to-peer advice without disclosing which system they are working to improve.

Source: FluksAqua

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