Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission Renews Partnership with Veolia

March 18, 2016
Five-year renewal for operations, maintenance and management of reservoirs, water treatment plant and raw water pump station

The Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission (AFCWRC) has renewed its partnership with Veolia, an environmental solutions and optimized resource management company, to continue operating, maintaining and managing the Commission's drinking water treatment facilities. AFCWRC and Veolia serve 370,000 people in Atlanta and North Fulton County.

Under the five-year renewal agreement valued at $22 million over the contract term, Veolia North America and minority-owned joint-venture partner KHAFRA Engineering will be responsible for operations and maintenance of the facilities. The AFCWRC will continue to own all drinking water assets and maintain rate-setting authority.

Veolia has operated the regional surface-water filtration plant, raw water pump station and maintained associated reservoirs since 1990. Operations have continued without a regulatory violation or service disruption to customers in Atlanta or Fulton County. In addition, Veolia offers site tours to the public and hosts global visitors interested in information about operating and maintaining these facilities.

Since 1990, Veolia has, on behalf of AFCWRC:

  • Expanded treatment capacity from 30 mgd to 90 mgd, with a maximum capacity of 135 mgd
  • Reduced power, chemical and operations and management costs, passing 100% of savings on to the client
  • Saved the commission and ratepayers $25 million through efficient operations
  • Treated and delivered more than 280 billion gal of potable drinking water without a regulatory violation or disruption in water distribution service to either the city of Atlanta or Fulton County
  • Received numerous commendations from the EPA, the Georgia Water and Pollution Control Association, the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships, and industry safety organizations
  • Supported the City of Atlanta's First Source Jobs initiative related to entry-level and apprenticeship opportunities
  • Contributed more than $350,000 to local organizations in the communities served by water operations

Conducted educational tours for schools, industry professionals, community organizations and international delegations interested in learning about these  facilities -- 340 people have visited the plant in 2015 alone.

"This is not only an excellent example of a successful public-private partnership in the Atlanta region, but a demonstration of how the private sector can support compliant, safe municipal water utility operations across North America," said William J. DiCroce, president and CEO of Veolia North America. "Our team is proud of its 25-year partnership with Atlanta-Fulton County and together, we remain focused on providing high levels of service and realizing even greater achievements."

Source: Veolia North America

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