Dober Acquires Haloklear

March 8, 2016
Assets focus on green biopolymers to remove contaminants from water

Dober, a specialty chemical and software company, has agreed to purchase the assets of the HaloKlear product line from HaloSource Inc., Bothell, Wash.

These assets primarily focus on green biopolymers utilized to remove contaminants from water generated within several markets including construction, mining, environmental remediation, industrial and oil and gas. 

“The Dober team is excited to expand our biopolymer offerings by adding the HaloKlear technology. These chitosan (biopolymer) technologies will complement our plant-based biopolymers,” said John G. Dobrez, chief executive officer for Dober. “Our GreenFloc division is ecstatic to have these offerings added to their product profile as it helps our quest to provide the water treatment industry with solutions to help create cleaner water for a more sustainable future.”

Source: Dober

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