Pentair Named Water Innovator of the Year at Water Vision Congress

Feb. 25, 2016
Award recognized technology's ability to prevent membrane fouling

Pentair, a company focusing on the treatment, transfer and flow of water and other fluids, was named “Water Innovator of the Year” during the Water Vision Congress, held Feb. 18, 2016, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Pentair’s X-Flow Helix technology was recognized for its ability to prevent membrane fouling and reduce energy use in the treatment of industrial wastewater.

“We are honored to have the Helix technology recognized by the Water Vision Congress,” said Jens Potreck, research and development manager, Pentair Flow and Filtration Solutions. “It is well-known that membranes are susceptible to quick caking. The dirt typically sticks to the membrane wall, resulting in a rapid productivity drop. Until now, this problem was usually solved by increasing the crossflow velocity. Put simply, the pressure is increased. However, this requires a lot of energy. The Helix technology addresses this issue by creating an eddy current inside the membrane, thereby causing the particles to not stick at all.”

Pentair’s Helix technology design features a helical shape on the inside of a tubular membrane, creating continuous turbulence to prevent rapid fouling—a common occurrence in high-solids ultrafiltration. By introducing turbulence right at the membrane wall, the technology provides continuous mixing and efficient removal of the cake layer that would otherwise reduce the membrane's hydraulic permeability. The resulting higher permeate flow contributes to higher productivity and lower energy costs.

Pentair was one of four finalists for the annual award, with the winner determined by both online voting by industry members as well as a panel of judges at the event.

The Water Innovator of the Year award is part of the Dutch Water Vision Platform, which brings together experts, users and suppliers of products and services in the industrial water sector to contribute to transparent information about industrial water. In a journalistic and independent manner, the platform highlights innovations, discusses current topics and inspires industrial companies seeking sustainable solutions for process water and wastewater.

Source: Pentair