The Water Council Applauds White House Budget Proposal for Water Innovation

Feb. 16, 2016
Budget proposal directs $300 million toward water issues

The Water Council commended the President for submitting a budget proposal that directs $300 million toward the development of new solutions that will help address our nation’s challenges with respect to water quality and quantity issues.

“We applaud the White House for putting a spotlight on water technology innovation,” said Jim Stern, Executive Vice President for A. O. Smith Corporation and Chair of The Water Council Board’s advocacy committee.

The President’s budget proposes “an aggressive two-part water innovation strategy with the goals of: first boosting water sustainability through greater utilization of water-efficient and water-reuse technologies; and second, promoting and investing in breakthrough R&D that reduces the price and energy costs of new water supply technology.”

Of the $300 million proposed by the President, $88 million would be allocated to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support basic water research. Budget documents state, “the investment would enhance the scientific and engineering knowledge base and enable new technological solutions that will increase the nation’s water supply and the quality of potable water and clean water for use in agriculture and industry processes or cooling.”

“This statement by the President reinforces the White House’s growing commitment to fostering innovative solutions and sends an important message to the water technology industry to turn their ideas into commercial products,” said Dean Amhaus, President and CEO of The Water Council.

Source: The Water Council

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