Envirosight Appoints New Sales Partner for Pacific Northwest

Dec. 28, 2015
True North Environmental Equipment has exclusive rights to sell the products in Oregon, Washington and Alaska

Envirosight announced that True North Environmental Equipment has been appointed as the exclusive sales partner for Envirosight equipment in Oregon, Washington and Alaska effective Dec. 7, 2015. This partnership will give True North the exclusive rights to sell Envirosight’s sewer inspection technology throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

“True North stood out to us­­—they are relentlessly committed to customer service and support,” said Mike Vislay, director of sales. “Each region presents its own challenges when it comes to sewer infrastructure. With their regional expertise, True North is in a great position to address the unique challenges of the Pacific Northwest and provide end-users with a comprehensive solution tailored to their needs.”

True North Environmental Equipment is a division of Vimar Equipment Ltd. and has two well-established offices in Hillsboro, Ore., and Marysville, Wash. The company is known in the region as a distributor of emergency equipment.

“This partnership will initiate our focus on serving the environmental market,” said Todd Hystad, general manager of True North. “We will utilize our industry relationships and established presence to promptly penetrate the market with Envirosight’s innovative, high-caliber inspection technology. The training and support from Envirosight has been phenomenal in bringing us up to speed; we are eager to seamlessly begin supporting users of Envirosight’s equipment in the region.” 

Source: Envirosight



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