Hydraulic Institute Announces New Partner Programs

Nov. 12, 2015
The programs are designed to encourage individual pump experts to work on technical documents and committees

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) announced the creation of new Pump Industry Partner and Academic Partner Programs to encourage individual pump experts to work on HI Technical Documents and Committees

Encouraging participation from qualified academics, industry consultants and end-users was the driving force behind this new initiative to recruit individual experts to work alongside HI Members in developing technical materials for the pump industry.

This was the motive for the recent HI board decision to expand the existing Standards Partner program to encourage smaller firms to participate in HI technical and educational activities and to create two additional categories for individuals called Pump Industry Partner and Academic Partner. The common link between all three HI Partner programs is the desire to engage directly with the end-user community that relies on HI’s standards, technical resources and training, and wants to help in their continuous development.

Retirees from the pump industry are also welcome.

“It is all about keeping the people in the pump industry together and sharing.” HI President and TACO Inc. CEO, John White. Jr. said. “Sustaining a knowledgeable workforce is an awesome challenge. An HI meeting is one of the few places where the industry’s best and brightest get together to discuss technical issues and come up with workable solutions. Certainly having more of the right people in the room will produce better technical resources, but it is also a really great learning opportunity for the next generation of pump experts.”

Source: Hydraulic Institute