Ham Baker Group Director Nears End of Kayak Trip

Sept. 9, 2015
Steve Posselt is on the trip to raise awareness about climate change

Steve Posselt, a director at Ham Baker Group subsidiary Australian Water Engineers, is close to completing his Connecting Climate Chaos trip, which began at Canberra in Australia in January.

The 62-year-old Queensland-based civil engineer has taken a break from penstocks and scum skimmers to paddle his way in a kayak to Paris via journeys through Australia, the U.S., the U.K. and France, in order to raise awareness about climate change. The route was chosen to demonstrate the relationship between Australian bush fires, super hurricanes and freezing temperatures in America, U.K. flooding and the drought in France.

“This huge challenge is typical of Steve’s highly adventurous nature and his passion for the environment," said Andrew Williams, Ham Baker Group managing drector. "We’re all willing him to the finishing line as he inches his way to Paris”.

Posselt's expedition has seen him become the only person to have ever paddled up the Lower Mississippi in a flood. An Al Gore-trained climate presenter, he was accompanied in the U.K. by Julianne Sandison, an environmental educator.

Source: Ham Baker Group