Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Guidebook

June 16, 2015
The guidebook provides readers with information necessary to select pump types, pump materials and auxiliary components

The Hydraulic Institute (HI) recently published a guide on wastewater treatment plant pumps. Wastewater Treatment Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Selection, Application, and Operation is intended to assist in the understanding of the general layout, components and operation of a typical wastewater treatment plant. The book also provides readers with the guidance necessary to select pump types, pump materials and auxiliary components so the pumping system performs effectively, efficiently, and reliably in the various plant operations.

Topics in this guidebook include, but are not limited to:

  • Processes, applications and pump selection in an aerobic wastewater treatment plant with a treatment capacity of 10 to 100 million gal per day;
  • Styles of pumps used in plant diagrams and summary tables;
  • Thorough emphasis on improved overall reliability by highlighting proper pump selection for each application including information about the materials of construction; and
  • Appendices that deal with proper motor and mechanical seal selection to improve overall system reliability.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Pumps is a guide for engineers, designers, trainers, maintenance staff and plant operators.

“This guide provides plant personnel, application engineers, engineering consulting firms and specifying engineers a one stop resource to understand the correct application for each wastewater treatment process, resulting in improved system reliability," said HI Technical Director Peter Gaydon.

The secure downloadable PDF version of the guidebook is available in the HI eStore. Hard copies will ship no later than June 30, 2015. HI members receive a 25% discount off the regular price of the guideline.