IDE Technologies Opens Texas Office

Jan. 27, 2015
Mark Ellison, former manager of strategic water initiatives for Gov. Rick Perry, joins the company

IDE Technologies announced its expansion in the U.S. with its new office in Austin, Texas and a new regional director of sales.

Mark Ellison, joining IDE as a regional director of sales, brings years of management and economic development experience in the water industry. Previously serving as manager of strategic water initiatives for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Ellison is positioned to increase awareness and sales throughout Texas of IDE’s water desalination and industrial water treatment solutions.

“Groundwater and surface water resources in Texas are at a challenging stage, and the state has faced significant drought conditions for several years. With more than one thousand people moving to Texas every day, there is a growing need for new water sources,” said Mark Lambert, CEO of IDE Americas. “By entering this key market, IDE is set to help meet this need through seawater desalination and water treatment projects, and Mark is the perfect person to drive these efforts. He understands the water market and knows the problems, and we’re excited for him to join our team.”

In his former position, Ellison worked for more than 20 years with local, state and federal agencies and the industry on water-related projects in Texas, which had a strategic impact on the state’s economy. He also helped ensure that municipal and private water utilities were part of the state’s overall economic development effort to provide water for existing and newly-recruited companies in Texas. In addition, he previously served as special advisor for economic development at the Texas Water Development Board.

“I have a strong history of experience with the water, agricultural and environmental issues in my home state of Texas,” Ellison said. “For decades, IDE has partnered with customers and adapted to their specific needs to solve water problems worldwide. Now with a continued drought in Texas, there is even greater demand and growth potential for water treatment solutions, and I look forward to helping expand IDE’s presence and meet the needs of customers across all regions of the state.”

Source: IDE Technologies

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