CG/LA Announces Finalists for Top Projects in North America

Oct. 24, 2014
The annual Washington, D.C. summit is a showcase for projects that drive economic growth & opportunity creation throughout North America

CG/LA Infrastructure announced the finalists for its Projects of the Year awards, which were selected from an initial list of 400 projects valued at $370 billion.

Aconex is the official sponsor for the 2014 Projects of the Year Awards.

“With the dramatic increase in infrastructure spending, we’re seeing larger and more complex projects,” said Leigh Jasper, CEO and co-founder of Aconex. “This trend has raised the bar for organizations managing infrastructure megaprojects. Aconex is proud to be the Projects of the Year sponsor, partnering with these exceptional organizations and helping them to manage risk and improve quality toward successful project delivery.”

CG/LA Infrastructure will announce the awards at the 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum on Oct. 29, 2014 at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC. The Projects of the Year awards provide an essential public good for infrastructure projects, generating regional support for high-impact initiatives.  

The New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor was a 2013 Project of the Year Award winner, in addition to its status as a finalist in 2014. “The Project of the Year Awards brought important recognition and regional buy-in to this crucial project,” said Marc Brazeau, director general of Infrastructure Canada. “The New Bridge for the St. Lawrence Corridor will be an important piece of the regional transportation landscape, easing traffic congestion, fueling economic growth, and improving the quality of life for generations to come.”

Project of the Year awards are given in five categories covering strategy, job creation, environmental impact, finance and engineering.

Categories and finalists: 

Strategic Project of the Year: That project which will generate a quantum leap in a country or region's productivity and/or competitiveness. The project is a game-changer, in the sense of dramatically improving the global competitiveness of the country or region in which the project is located.

  • • Bay Delta Conservation Plan Tunnels - California
  • • I-4 Ultimate Expansion - Florida
  • • Eglington Crosstown Light Rail Transit - Ontario
  • • San Antonio Water System Project - Texas
  • • Texas Central High Speed Railway - Texas 

Job/Opportunity Creation Project of the Year: That project which will create the greatest number of jobs and/or businesses over the lifetime of the project. This needs to be well-documented, and specifically tabulates direct, indirect and induced job creation over the 20- to 30-year life of the project. It is particularly important to judge these projects in terms of long-term business impact.

  • • All Aboard Florida - Florida
  • • Port Everglades Master Plan - Florida
  • • South Coast Rail - Massachusetts
  • • New Bridge Over the St. Lawrence - Quebec
  • • Atlantic Coast Pipeline - West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina

Green/New Project of the Year: That project which makes the greatest difference in the region's environmental agenda, from solar, wind and geothermal to energy efficiency and technology applications. These are projects that significantly reduce a region’s carbon footprint.

  • • AES Energy Storage Project - California
  • • Bay Delta Conservation Plan Tunnels - California
  • • Augustin Plains Ranch Water Resource Development Project - New Mexico
  • • Tarrant County Integrated Pipeline Project - Texas
  • • 11th Street Bridge Park Project - Washington, D.C.

Finance Project of the Year: That project which establishes and/or most extends an innovative finance model, moving us closer to more, better and faster infrastructure investment. This is absolutely critical, given the pent-up demand for infrastructure finance in North America, and the innovative solutions that both Canada and U.S. states are developing.

  • • I-4 Ultimate Expansion - Florida
  • • Rapid Bridge Replacement P3 - Pennsylvania
  • • San Antonio Water System Project - Texas
  • • Texas Central High Speed Railway - Texas
  • • I-66 Corridor - Virginia

Engineering Project of the Year: That project which extends or demonstrates the region's technical engineering capacity, especially design and creative problem-solving. This includes designs that are either path-breaking in terms of basic engineering, or in terms of value for money, or some combination of the two.

  • • Bay Delta Conservation Plan Tunnels - California
  • • Los Angeles Union Station Master Plan - California
  • • Southwest Light Rail Transit Extension - Minnesota
  • • Gateway Project - New York
  • • Texas Central High Speed Railway - Texas

Source: CG/LA Infrastructure