Damen Shipyards Partners with Water Treatment System Suppliers

Sept. 10, 2014
Damen will include systems manufactured by Trojan Marinex, Bio-UV & Evoqua Water Technologies

Damen Shipyards has established three strategic partnership agreements with major ballast water treatment (BWT) system suppliers, complementing the company’s worldwide One Stop BWT retrofitting service.

With more than 60,000 vessels to be retrofitted in the near future there is a need to coordinate and ensure cost effective implementation and life cycle support. With the large number of vessels to be retrofitted, there will be subsequent supply problems for BWT equipment, engineering and class in a booming market.

Damen has chosen to include BWT systems manufactured by its strategic retrofit partners: Trojan Marinex, Bio-UV and Evoqua Water Technologies. All BWT systems of these partners are Intl. Maritime Organization type approved and are U.S. Coast Guard AMS accepted.

Trojan Marinex delivers BWT systems purpose-built for the marine environment, providing filtration and UV in a single, compact unit having a low power draw requirement due to their Solo lamp technology. The unit has been tested to operate in all water qualities, including freshwater.

Bio-UV designs and manufactures, with high marine quality components, the BIO-SEA BWT system. This is a modular UV-based system.

Evoqua Water Technologies provides their SeaCURE BWTS operable in all salinities based on Chloropac electrochlorination technology.

Based on the vessels characteristics, operational requirements and customers preference Damen BWT experts will select the most appropriate BWT technology for retrofitting. By working with the selected partners, Damen can provide high-quality competitive retrofit packages for all vessel types.

Source: Damen Shipyards