Infiltrator Builds World’s Largest Low-Pressure Injection Molding Machine

June 25, 2014
The mold installed in the press weighs 420,000 lb and molds a 15-ft-long, 245-lb polypropylene tank half

The world’s largest low-pressure injection molding machine was designed and constructed by Infiltrator Systems at the company’s Winchester, Ky., ISO-9002 manufacturing facility. The injection press took five months to engineer and nine months to build and is producing the Infiltrator IM-1530 septic tank product line. The mold installed in the press weighs 420,000 lb and molds a 15-ft-long, 245-lb polypropylene tank half. Franchino Mold and Eng., of Lansing, Mich., engineered and built the mold.

Molding machine highlights:

  • •            World’s largest low-pressure injection molding machine
  • •            Largest injection molding platen area in the world
  • •            Parts handling and finishing stations utilize the largest six-axis robot in the world
  • •            Produces the world’s largest molded part at 245 lb

“Rounding out the successful IM-Tank product line was a high priority for Infiltrator and Franchino’s experience with our other large part molds made them the right choice for this project,” adds Bryan Coppes, vice president of engineering at Infiltrator Systems Inc.

Mold highlights:

  • •            Aluminum and steel cavity and core hybrid mold
  • •            Largest hot runner manifold system in operation in the world
  • •            Cavity work was machined using a Tarus 5-Axis Mills with a 114-by-120-in. table
  • •            More than 10,000 man-hours invested this project

Source: Infiltrator Systems

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