RWL Water Rebrands

June 2, 2014
The change brings portfolio companies under one unified, global identity

RWL Water Group changed its name to RWL Water, effective June 1, 2014, the Company announced today. The subtle change eliminates the word “Group” from the official name in order to signify its emphasis on operating as a singular global water solutions company. All of RWL Water’s portfolio companies (formerly known as Nirosoft Industries Ltd, AEROMIX Systems Inc., Eurotec WTT S.r.l. and Unitek S.A.) will do business as RWL Water.

RWL Water’s unified brand reflects the company’s integration of technologies, solutions, talent, resources and financial capabilities worldwide. To emphasize this message, the company introduced a new brand design, color specifications and a revised logo.

Changes that reflect the new brand and revised logo have been made to core material, such as business cards, literature and the company’s website. Additionally, the entire company now has a unified email address:

Source: RWL Water