Rowland Taps New Source of Water for District

March 25, 2014
Potable groundwater supply is a first in the district's history

Rowland Water District (RWD) marks a first—a new groundwater source for the California district since it was formed more than 60 years ago. The groundwater supply comes from the Central Basin area of southeast Los Angeles County, and was developed through a partnership with La Habra Heights County Water District, Walnut Valley Water District and Orchard Dale Water District.  An interconnection was constructed to allow RWD access to the groundwater supply coming directly from La Habra Heights County Water District.

"This is a major step for Rowland Water District, developing groundwater supplies and reducing our need to purchase imported water," said Ken Deck, general manager of RWD. "We are working to protect our customers from the rising cost of imported potable water, and working with our neighboring water districts to secure this new supply source.”

The interconnection will bring approximately 2,000 acre-feet of water into the district annually. The project was over three years in the making, and now reduces reliance upon imported water by nearly 20%. This unprecedented arrangement for RWD will result in significant savings for its customers in the coming years.  Prior to the completion of this project, RWD was 100% dependent on imported water.

It is also an important step in continuing the process of drought mitigation, and maintaining water reserves during the on-going drought crisis. Water reserves in Southern California, thanks to foresight of districts like RWD, are well prepared despite the lack of rainfall and water restrictions, which have affected Northern California.

RWD continues to build strong water reserves, and seek out new sources of water for the district. This interconnection from the Central Basin is part of on-going work to ensure a safe, reliable water supply for RWD customers.

Source: Rowland Water District