Metering Pumps Receive NSF 61 Certification

Dec. 19, 2013
Pumps are now certified for use in treating water & wastewater

seepex metering pumps are now certified to meet the NSF 61 standard for use in treating water and wastewater. seepex pumps are certified safe to use for sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfate, potassium permanganate, sodium silicofluoride, calcium fluoride, polymers and most other chemicals commonly used in water and wastewater flocculation, clarification, sterilization and buffering.

The NSF Standard 61 for “Drinking Water System Components-Health Effects” is the ANSI Standard for drinking water system components. It is intended to minimize any negative effects on the health and safety of the public and the environment. The certification process required toxicity and leaching tests with actual pumps and components with the actual chemicals. All pump components that come in contact with pumped material must be traceable back to the mill, foundry or chemical plant producing the raw materials. Vendor certification requires periodic audits of the production facilities, actual parts and purchase records.

NSF Intl. led the development of these American National Standards and is a global independent public health and environmental organization that provides standards development, product certification, testing, auditing, education and risk management services. This mark of distinction among other progressive cavity pump manufacturers assures customers that seepex pumps are safe for use in drinking water processes.

Source: seepex