ASTM Intl. Launches Water Portal

Nov. 14, 2013
The online water portal provides a knowledge bank for industry stakeholders

ASTM Intl. has launched an online water portal, providing a comprehensive source for information and research across a range of water-related topics and areas of interest. The portal is accessible on the ASTM website at

The launch of ASTM’s Water Portal comes at a time when the management of water resources is becoming increasingly critical worldwide. Population pressures and rising demand combined with declining fresh water supplies is creating stress on communities and businesses globally. To meet society’s need for clean, safe and healthy water, this diminishing resource must be used in efficient, sustainable ways.

ASTM’s Water Portal aims to support the efforts of industry stakeholders in addressing these and other challenges. The portal provides a convenient pathway into a compendium of technical information and research in five focused water-related areas:

  • • Environmental preservation, stewardship and sustainable use of water sources;
  • • Testing and maintenance of water quality;
  • • Extraction, transportation and infrastructure for water;
  • • Water recapture, efficiency, reuse, recycling and sustainability; and
  • • Consumer and industry usage of water.

“The Water Portal represents a strategic approach by ASTM to provide easier access to a broader body of work pertaining to this critical environmental and societal issue,” said Katherine Morgan, vice president, Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International. “Numerous ASTM technical committees are addressing water-related challenges in their standards activities and the portal provides a platform for sharing their efforts and contributions in a beneficial, holistic manner.”

The new ASTM Water Portal brings together the latest information on newly-published ASTM standards; proposed new standards and revisions to current standards; schedules of upcoming meetings and symposia; research reports and other resources from more than 25 main ASTM committees and dozens of subcommittees impacting water related areas. Among the committees represented are D19 on Water, D18 on Soil and Rock, D34 on Waste Management and many others.

Source: ASTM Intl.