Mapal Green Energy Introduces Emergency Treatment System at Aquatech

Nov. 7, 2013
The new solution is designed as an emergency treatment for polluted water resources such as rivers & lakes

Mapal Green Energy, a developer and supplier of wastewater treatment systems, introduced its EDOS (Emergency Deployment Oxydation System) at Aquatech 2013. The technology provides immediate response for pollution in water resources such as rivers and lakes.

The portable container contains floating aeration units that can spread out in rivers or lakes and revive the ecological habitat.

According to Zeev Fisher, CEO of Mapal Green Energy, "inserting mass amounts of oxygen into contaminated water accelerates the biological process of bacteria that consume the contaminants and actually clean the water. "

The system includes special units developed by Mapal Green Energy that are able to float on the water at different depths, while injecting oxygen into the water. The company can offer the deployment of such a system within 24 hours, when time is critical during ecological pollution. There is no need for special infrastructure. The technology is suitable for organic pollutants, wastewater that flows into rivers, industrial wastewater and any other threat on water and the environment.

Fisher noted that the demand for such a system is expected to reach not only in cases of ecological disasters, but also in many cities around the world that rivers cross through. These rivers often turn into "sewage tunnels" as various pollutants end up contaminating the water

Mapal 's technology was originally designed for wastewater treatment, and reduces up to 70% of the energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants and approximately 80% of the maintenance and operation costs. The system consists of floating mobile fine bubble aeration units. The units float on the water’s surface instead of being fixed to the bottom of the reservoir and/or reactor.

Source: Mapal Green Energy