Fidelity National Environmental Solutions Elects Chairman

Aug. 27, 2013
Ecosphere Energy Services renamed to Fidelity National Environmental Solutions

William P.Foley, II, chairman of Fidelity National Financial Inc. has been elected as Chairman of Fidelity National Environmental Solutions LLC (FNES), formerly Ecosphere Energy Services LLC (EES).

John Kuelbs, former chairman of EES, has been elected vice chairman of FNES. Mr. Kuelbs is credited with recognizing the early vision of Ecosphere and played an essential role in bringing together the original investors of FNES.

Robert Cathey, CEO of FNES stated, "Chairman Foley brings the experience and resources to the company that will allow us to rapidly expand and broaden our operations in the oil and gas sector and also begin to explore the many other opportunities within the energy field for the Ozonix technology."

Dennis McGuire, Chairman and CEO of Ecosphere Technologies (ETI) said, "It is very rewarding to have Bill Foley and FNF step forward to take on such an active role in Fidelity National Environmental Solutions. ETI's business model of inventing and patenting environmental technologies, commercializing those technologies in their respective fields of use, and then licensing the proven technology to world class companies like FNF has now been realized in the energy sector."

Source: Fidelity National Environmental Solutions